Rts Xquery


RTS-XQuery Freemium  v.1.0.3

RTS-XQuery Freemium is a FREE Tally add-on utility that allows transfer of data from Tally Accounting Software (or XML data-file) to MS-Excel, DBFs, SQL-Server, MySQL and many Other popular databases.

RTSXQuery DLL Demo Release  v.1 4

RTS-XQuery Library is an ActiveX DLL useful for Software developers to integrate their applications with Tally Accounting Software. RTS-XQuery supports XQuery and XQuery Update facility.


Gugila GroundWiz RTS Demo  v.2 1

Presenting GroundWiz RTS Demo and Benchmark tool. This application showcases GroundWiz RTS (Real-Time Shaders) technology. At minimum, DirectX 9 compatible graphics cards are required.

Doxological XQuery  v.0.1.0

An extensible Java implementation of the W3C XQuery language.

Evolution RTS  v.0.0.1

Evolution RTS (project name, will change later) will be a real-time-strategy-like game.

EVOlution RTS - Continued version  v.0.3

The original EVOlution RTS seems to be not active (https://sourceforge.

Micro XQuery Engine  v.0.6.0

MXQuery is a low-footprint implementation of XQuery 1.

Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor  v.1.0

The Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor, developed by Michael Kay

Spring RTS Engine  v.rc

Spring is a project aiming to create a new and versatile RTS Engine in the spirit of the game Total Annihilation from 1997.

Super RTS Gaming Engine  v.1.0

This intends to be the combination of the best things on the best RTS games me and my pals have played overtime.

XQuery Information Extraction Library  v.1.0

With the "xix" library, GATE functionality is available in XQuery (via an MXQuery extension).

XQuery Update Parser  v.1.0

An XQuery Update Facility 1.

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